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So, what exactly should you cook and how should you write about it? Food blogging is also about putting personal touches on traditional dishes or maybe serving them in a new and interesting way. You need to be willing to look at your content with a critical eye. Would you subscribe to it? Would you like it on Facebook? With millions of other sites out there, you need to offer your readers something unique and compelling that will make them want to come back again and again. Listen to your readers and build that most important relationship.

Read other related blogs, magazines, look at trends, or set a trend. Innovate and post regularly. Before you write about random things in your life, focus on how it might sincerely help and support someone else. Take the time to write well and grow your audience before jumping ahead of yourself to monetization strategies.

I research my subjects impeccably and seek to give real, workable solutions for my readers. Taking every sample that someone offers you feels like a great idea. But, you often end up in a situation where your page looks more like an advertisement for products than a great place to go read about food. We have a pretty strict policy about what types of products we will write about.

Like with many other topics, when it comes to food, pictures are a virtue. You want to present your food recipes in such a way that it makes your readers hungry, hungry to share your pictures — and hungry for even more recipes.

Take inspiration yet build your own style, and do add photographs. Nothing holds the reader more captivated. Good pictures must connect to well-written prose.

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Please respect copyright. There is no room in the world for plagiarism. Again, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. And finally, keep at it…. I love taking pictures. I look back on my early pictures and I can see right away how much better they are now. I still learn all the time. I read other posts and watch tutorials. It takes a lot of time. It takes commitment.

We depend almost entirely on natural light, so have to make sure to leave enough daylight time to get a good shot of the finished product. You should also consider getting into the video format. People love watching videos with cooking tips and instructions. People want advice on how to cook better, how to make it easier and how to make cooking more exciting. Think how can you create beautiful, interesting and instructional videos from your post recipes? Identify different topic areas and moments you think people struggle with and want advice on.

Be their resource and answer their questions in your videos and posts. Without you spending some time in marketing it will be difficult to attract an audience so this is an important task of a food blogger.

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  • By following this process, you should be able to come up with about 50 working topics within a half hour of distraction-free time. The goal of this exercise is to get 10 answers for each question. If you can think of more, note them all. You get the point.

    How to Get Blog Comments: 12 Questions To Ask Yourself

    Now that you have about 50 answers, you can begin dissecting blog post ideas from each answer. The sky is the limit.

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    • Try to come up with a catchy headline that will draw your readers in and then throw them a one-two punch in the rest of your content. WordPress uses an intuitive editor, similar to your favorite word processing tools. New entries are created directly from your WordPress admin. This will populate a list of your blog entries in descending order. The new tools are especially useful when creating subheadings throughout your articles. First things first. Add one of the titles that you developed in your brainstorming session in the title text box. Immediately after, WordPress will create a permalink based on the keywords used in your title.

      You can start typing the body of your article in the large text area and write until you feel happy with your content. Images help engage readers and can often illustrate concepts better than words. To add new images, ensure that your text cursor is in the place where you want your image to appear. You can format sizes and add hyperlinks to your images if you wish. Create SEO titles that are attractive to click and meta descriptions that explain what your post is about.

      7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 206%

      The Yoast SEO plugin will provide real-time feedback, as you begin to optimize your title and description. Finally, if your blog has thumbnails, you should set a featured image. Featured images are thumbnails that appear above each post.

      Step 3. Install WordPress – your blogging software

      Before you hit that publish button, you want to make sure that your entry looks and feels the way that you want it to. Feels good right? Unforeseen circumstances will arise. They make aggressive goals reachable in micro steps.

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      They keep you organized. They streamline your social media and email marketing efforts. Just open up a new Excel spreadsheet. If you have multiple writers, you can share the sheet using Google drive. Your needs might be different than mine, so feel free to add additional columns as needed. Look through your calendar on your iPhone, Android or the one hanging on your fridge.

      How often can you post? Be conservative with your goals, because consistently missing deadlines can lead to quitting altogether. Throw in a working headline that you can spruce up before publishing.