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Not only can it possibly be called the definitive text on the causes and effects of overweight and obesity; it is also a complete information file of the psychological and emotional factors involved in becoming overweight and of struggling with the results. Most importantly it achieves the intention of the author to provide, and I quote, " a book and journal that will be a trusted guide and companion to whatever diet efforts you choose to pursue", and "to help yo I am so impressed with this book. Most importantly it achieves the intention of the author to provide, and I quote, " a book and journal that will be a trusted guide and companion to whatever diet efforts you choose to pursue", and "to help you with a mindset change and tools to navigate your way through the bumpy waters in such an undertaking".

Why Weight Loss Is All In Your Head - Drew Manning on Health Theory

Here are practical guidelines to make the changes you desire to make with the guidance of a capable professional Nov 09, Angel Graham rated it really liked it Shelves: owned , 4-star-books , reviewed. Good book, will be using it along with the free workbook to help myself as I journey toward a pound weight loss. I want and intend to keep it off for good. This book will be a large help in doing so.

You must change your mindset to have a lasting change. Become mindful of what you're doing, eating, saying, thinking. Laurie Bonham rated it it was ok Dec 27, Lori M rated it did not like it Sep 27, Butch Dougherty rated it it was amazing Jun 07, Nick rated it liked it Dec 19, Jenny Lee Woodward rated it it was ok Feb 08, Cecilia Anyanwu rated it it was ok Jun 15, Cassandra Godfrey rated it liked it May 11, Bronwen Skye rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Shelley J Hathaway rated it it was ok Mar 27, Cynthia Jepson rated it liked it Nov 14, Samantha Wheeler rated it liked it Jun 30, Rose Bywater rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Lyn Cikara rated it it was amazing Jul 03, Janet rated it it was amazing Oct 10, Mary Lee Kammer rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Deborah Higdon rated it really liked it May 27, Denise Steele rated it liked it Jan 08, May 07, Elsa rated it it was amazing Shelves: health.

This book is filled with the important information that will guide you in your weight loss and it's more than enough information to achieve one's desired weight. I like the fact that mindset has been tackled here which is the most important piece of information shared in this book for me.

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No results can be achieved when the mind is not focused, does not believe and not open to changes. Kudos to the author. Mary rated it it was amazing Jun 18, Deborah Newport rated it it was amazing May 28, Nancy Moore rated it liked it Oct 06, Lynne marked it as to-read Sep 18, Arlene Downey marked it as to-read Sep 18, Aimee is currently reading it Sep 18, Brenda H added it Sep 19, Diana Rieck is currently reading it Sep 19, Kate marked it as to-read Sep 19, Debbie Akers is currently reading it Sep 19, Peter Karlen marked it as to-read Sep 20, Valerie marked it as to-read Sep 20, Keerthivasan is currently reading it Sep 21, First, I got serious about living a healthier lifestyle, lost about 40lbs in the process, and became a happier healthier version of myself.

Second, I started Organize Yourself Skinny and turned that into a thriving business. Within 3 years after hitting publish on that first post I was able to quit my soul-crushing state job and work for myself. This was beyond a dream come true. There was nothing I wanted more than becoming an entrepreneur and I made it happen. Both losing weight, and becoming my own boss, completely change my life.

Of course there are specific steps and strategies that helped move me towards both my goals. I talk all about the importance of meal planning , meal prep , exercise , and other habits when starting a weight loss journey on Organize Yourself Skinny. I talk about my business journey on my other blog Big Boss Moves. However, I believe the most important step in becoming successful in your weight loss journey or any journey is training your mind to accept and believe in the changes you want to make. Once your mind is on board anything is possible.

There are habits I practiced regularly to stay in the right frame of mind. These habits follow my own Law of Attraction interpretation and how I specifically use them to attract weight loss into my life. You will have to take responsibility and put in the work. What would life be like if you put in place healthy habits? Would you feel comfortable in clothes? Would you feel sexy in a new dress? Would you have more energy?


Would you sleep better? Laugh more? Be happier? Would you be a better better parent, friend, lover, partner, spouse? Try to get as specific and detailed as possible? How would life improve if you change your lifestyle. When I started on my weight loss journey I envisioned myself as a healthier person, someone who took pride in her appearance and enjoyed having energy.

I envisioned being able to run into old friends and not feel embarrassed about the way I looked. I envisioned not having to hide behind my kids in pictures. I envisioned picking out a cute bathing suit, trying it on, and loving the way I look.

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Take time in the beginning, and throughout your weight loss, to envision a better life. Envision a better life gives us something to look forward to and work towards. This is sooooo important. You have to believe with everything that you can make this happen. That you can change your habits, lose weight, and a better life is waiting. Also, I hate to even mention this, but not everyone is going to believe in you. Or their vision of a better life is not the same as yours. So in order to succeed you have to believe that you can do this without validation from anyone else.

You must believe in your vision. Another thing to keep in mind is that some people might become jealous as you crush goals. It takes a lot of work to change habits and not everyone is willing to put in that kind of effort. Even if they ultimately want the same thing their mindset might be very different. That will keep you focused and moving forward. Throughout my entire journey I always believed in my vision. When my vision became reality I never felt more accomplished in my life. It truly was amazing to see dreams come true.

The most liberating part of my weight loss journey is when I realized I was the one in control.

Actually, I remember the moment. It was about 3 weeks into tracking my meals on My Fitness Pal and I was getting on the scale for my weekly weigh in.

How to Set Your Mind to Lose Weight

I stepped on the scale and lost another 2 pounds — at that point I lost around 7 lbs total. Up until that point I used every excuse for not losing weight. When we start down this path we directly walk ourselves into self-protection. Which means conserve and store. Or maybe better words are decrease energy and increase fat stores. Practice awareness and then replace those with positive self-talk to help your body experience self-freedom.

It could be big, like really big trauma such as a death of a loved one or it could be as small as your third-grade teacher forcing you to eat your peas. To change this and allow your body the freedom to act in love and positivity, we have to deal with our old trauma and let it go creating room for something better.

How we relate, view and act the situations in life affect our outcome. Live aware and focus in on your thoughts choosing to replace the negative with the positive and live in mindset freedom.

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The take-home point is change happens from our emotions and most of our emotions are driven by our unconscious mind. The deep filing cabinet of our mind and body that can be somewhat difficult to get to. In order to create this shift and reprogram your mind, you must be willing to go deep, dig up past trauma, deal with it and then learn to use your emotions to your advantage. Overall, your mindset matters a lot when it comes to every area of your life, including your physical health. To get started, download my free guide that will help walk you through your presets and routines.

Then keep repeating the positive, the good and really experience this to allow your body to create new presets.