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Graduates receive 18 credits from Highline College local community college. PC: Merrill Images. PC: Susie Lane Photography.

The Service Learning and Civic Engagement Authority for Community Colleges

I came from a country with a different language, culture and social life. At first I was amazed of my new life But after a short while I realized that I am missing a lot of knowledge on how to deal with different types of food and recipes, and on top of that, a lack of good communication skills, language, and customer service…I lost my job there.

At that time I felt that [Project Feast] is what I really needed and this is what will pull me out of my frustration. The most important thing I learned here was how to learn from other colleagues and supervisors and how to respect people and their time and how to stay calm when stressed. Project Feast alumna. Secured a job before graduating from the Culinary Apprenticeship Program and continues to work there. We learned about the challenges our refugee and immigrant apprentices face, such as basic math and english. We onboarded two volunteers to teach lessons on these skills every week for an hour.

This has provided a consistent time for apprentices to practice these skills, leading to better performance in the kitchen. It is difficult to change our circumstances when opportunities remain out of reach. I fight and push myself to be in the place I want to be.

With every cohort we work to better understand the needs of apprentices and use their input to further strengthen the program. These include catering and hot sauces. I will always be thankful to my second family at Project Feast. She came to us with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation to start her new career, and the training she received in the culinary program gave her the tools to get up to speed quickly in our restaurant.

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The student we hired has become one of the family here —she has a great work ethic, and our customers frequently comment on her positive attitude as well. If you are a local employer interested in hiring our graduates, please contact us hello projectfeast. PC: Avery Milo. Ubuntu; oo-boon-too. Origin: Nguni Bantu language of South Africa. Meaning: the belief in the bond of sharing that connects all humanity. More than 50 stories of ubuntu shared via our UbuntuStartsWithU campaign and displayed at our cafe.

Spreading this belief with a hope to create a ripple of human connectivity. To date, we have facilitated over experiences centered around the cuisine of refugees and immigrants. PC: Mo Aoun. Over transactions in at Ubuntu Street Cafe, many including food for more than one person. Together, we lived the power of ubuntu. We chose to do this to provide more time for lessons, curriculum changes and to better sync with the academic calendar of our partner, Highline College.

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Going from 3 cohorts to 2 in a year allows our staff to take time off without jeopardizing the program. This designation ensures that we get an ESL instructor every Monday when our classroom instruction takes place. When we launched this program in , we saw first hand how stress, anxiety and trauma impact learning and growth. We made many changes as a result including enquiring about apprentices' support systems in the enrollment process, supporting staff through shutting down operations over the holidays, increasing staff knowledge of the impacts of trauma on learning, creating a private space for anyone who needed a short break, and through a weekly reflection and journaling time.

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  • We would not have reached these milestones without all of your support. We look forward to the adventures and challenges of ! Big Boys Kainan. Carver Kitchen. Chateau St. Michele Winery.

    Fall is here in full swing.

    City of Kent. Elizabeth Ndisho. Eric Rivera. By the time she and her family arrived in the U. The new job-training program based in Tukwila helps refugee and immigrants succeed in the food industry in King County. The program is unique in that it tailors other basic job-training skills curricula to the food industry. In that program apprentices like Ibrahim deepen their food knowledge with hands-on learning, while earning an income — an important step for immigrants who often face barriers to employment, and tend to earn less than native-born counterparts.

    If Ibrahim could make herself a baker in her lowest moments, then Project Feast, she felt, could certainly make her a cook.

    Three ESL Activities for Autumn

    Participants help to develop recipes and learn techniques, bringing their own expertise from their home countries to the kitchen with them. Though there is no shortage of hardships for newcomers to King County, finding ingredients to prepare traditional foods, it appears, is not one of them.

    An Iraqi participant said she found nearly everything she needed at a Winco Foods, a large, national discount grocer in Kent. Although she spent much of her life in customer service working at a Hilton hotel in Addis Ababa, after moving to the U. How can we give you some extra tools, then leverage that and find a good job? Over a plate of homemade treats — an Iraqi semolina cake called basbousa, and a chocolate cupcake with handmade fondant decorations, Ibrahim glowed talking about her past year. When she has a question about cooking, she just turns around and asks the chef.

    Cheryl Jenrow Cheryl is a passionate sustainability practitioner and a design strategist as well as a proponent of systems thinking and social change endeavors. In his role as Program Development Manager, he works directly with clients and members across the country to build sustainable job training programs and social enterprise operations in the food service realm. Before moving into a consultant role, Justin worked as a chef trainer and job developer with multiple programs, including Farestart in Seattle and Inspiration Corporation in Chicago, IL.

    His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in nutritional anthropology and gender studies from the University of Notre Dame, and a master of nonprofit administration from North Park University, with specific focus on organizational development. He has previously served on the board for the Chicago Improv Festival, and worked in a volunteer capacity for various theaters, community gardens, and soup kitchens in Chicago during his time there.

    He believes in the ultimate power of food to build community. Ping-Yuan Wang Ping-Yuan is an immigrant from Taiwan who is deeply convinced of the power of food in fostering mutual understanding and breaking barriers. A historian of European women and religion by training, Ping-Yuan is passionate about connecting people, ideas, and perspectives across cultural, linguistic, and geographical divides. She has travelled to 20 different countries and has lived, in the US, in the Northeast, the Midwest, and now the Pacific Northwest.

    Food is her favorite entry point to any cultural-linguistic landscape. She has recently transitioned out of a year career in higher education and become a translator in literature and the gaming industry. In her current role, she continues to bridge cultures and geographical areas through multi-modal communication. Subscribe to our mailing list.