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Get every single toy and book your children own and put it into one big pile.

The Simple Guide to a Clutter-Free Home

Determine about four to five different categories for the toys and start dividing them out. As you are sorting through the toys, get rid of any duplicates, broken toys, and anything your kids have outgrown. Next, find some toy storage bins to divide the toys. Depending on the number of toys you have, you may need three to five toy storage containers.

Guide to Organizing Your Home

Try to distribute all categories evenly between each bin. Set aside large toys like scooters or rocking horses that your children use daily.

9 Little Things Around the House That Are Totally Stressing You Out

By cycling through each toy container weekly, your kids will continue to get fresh toys and will be more creative and engaged while they play. Having fewer toys to play with weekly will lead to less toy clutter and a more organized home. One of the easiest ways to organize toys is to separate them by category into toy storage containers. To avoid having plastic bins all over your playroom, think creatively about what can be used as a toy storage container.

For example, you can purchase a folding hamper from the dollar store and turn it into a toy storage hamper for stuffed animals or balls. Similarly, you can purchase a shoe organizer and place it behind the playroom door to store things like barbies, matchbox cars, or Legos. If you need to organize toys in the living room, consider storage options like toy storage ottomans or toy storage bean bags that hide toys in plain sight. There are lots of varieties of toy storage furniture that can disguise themselves and keep clutter out of your living areas. Once you have separated your toys into categories, spread them out.

Toys should not all be kept in one place, as this easily leads to kids taking out every single item. Instead, designate specific areas of the room to one toy category or task. Building off the success of her Get Yourself Organized Project , this book will provide even more ideas for getting your life and your stuff under control.

As you try out the many easy, doable solutions that helped Kathi win her battle with clutter, you'll begin to understand why you hold on to the things you do, eliminate what's crowding out real life, and make room for the life of true abundance God wants for you. You can now purchase a total of crafts in one complete book. Each of these upcycling books became immediate best sellers on Amazon within a week of being published and are incredibly popular with the millions of Kitty Moore fans worldwide! Are you tired of living in a cluttered and chaotic home, but don't know how to make the best changes?

Whether you want to 1 maintain a tidy home with minimal effort, 2 find practical ways to manage your household more economically, or 3 turn your home into a refreshing haven for yourself, your family and your friends, then this audiobook is what you're looking for.


It's not that difficult to organize your home so that it's beautiful and yet comfortable. Discover practical suggestions for stashing things where you can easily find them. Learn tricks to keep track of everything, from your DVD collection to your food stores. Since a clean home makes for a happy home, I've included some practical and effective methods for sustaining a pristine environment while still having a life.

You will encounter so many interesting and useful ways to make your home a sanctuary, that you'll never go back to chaos and clutter again. It doesn't matter whether you are a stay-at-home-mom, a busy executive, a retiree or a student. Your home can be effectively organized, and yet remain comfortable and refreshing.

In this book, you will encounter over suggestions to help you shape a prosperous everyday life without stressing yourself out.

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Do you want a home that is clean and comfortable, rooms that bear a come-hither fragrance, a house where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place—and a home where you don't hesitate to invite anyone in at any time? This book will help you transform your environment into a smooth-running home that uplifts and reinvigorates all who cross the threshold.

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I really enjoyed listening to this audio book. It was easy to follow and the narrator was soothing. This audio book gave me so many ideas!

The kitchen

My favorite ideas were all of the home fragrance ideas. I have allergies so fresh oils and scents are always a plus. The idea that you can save so much money just by using some of these ideas paid for the book right there. I appreciate the ideas that the author gives. If you need to organize clutter in your home or just rearrange a garage, closet or something else, this book has all the information you need to get organized and have a cleaner home.

Try it out today.

3 Simple Tips to Declutter Your Home - Tshanina Peterson

This Audio Book has it all, recipes for natural cleaning products, natural home fresheners, room by room organizing tips as well as money saving tips for the home. I personally have been trying to reduce my clutter and increase my inspiration and comfort in my home. This book gave me an action plan to achieve that, and I have already started scrubbing.

I feel like I can breathe and mentally relax better in a clean-smelling, organized environment. I am planning on making my own bamboo diffuser, and dry potpourri. It is a two for one as it will clean my air and spruce up my decorations. Anyone looking for cleaning, organizing, and accentuating their living space will LOVE this Audio book! Home Organizing provides the tools needed to make your home organized. It provides the tips needed to keep a tidy home without spending too much time or hiring a housecleaner.

It also provides tips on de-cluttering your life. This book is excellent for those who are looking to become better home organizers. Home organizing is a book everyone needs to read. Have you ever searched for something in your houses and you cant find it only to get it when you least need it? Yeah that's me and that is why I bought this book. It has helped me a lot in organizing my home and now I can easily find things when in need of them.

The first step in organizing your home is cleaning and ensuring its sparkling and that way it will be easy organizing. You can actually save money by making your own household cleaning solution. This book illustrates clearly the ingredients you require and most of them are actually in our homes. For those of us who don't know what fragrances to use in the house,this book has sorted us out.

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  6. I now have a clean home and an organized one all thanks to Susan. Go grab your copy now!

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    I feel this great advice to create great cleaning solutions to clean the counters and clean the floors If You feel like you have a lingering smell after you cook there is a great section on how to keep the house smelling nice with things like essential oils and other non damaging products. If you have problems with fridge smells this book also helps with that issues along with garbage disposal. The book also details what cleaning solutions are more risk than beneficial on certain surfaces.

    You will get the main idea on how to keep organized in the home as well and get some tips on how to set up the house to be appeasing to guests as well. So make sure to pay attention to the steps and instructions. It's like a cook book but like a homes esentials book! This book helps you organize and clean your house with ease and even gives you recipes on how to make your own cleaning solutions. This is important to me because I have a child that seems to be allergic to all cleaning solutions except the ones I make.

    Learn how to make your own all-purpose cleaner, floor cleaners, window cleaners, carpet cleaner, and more. Learn how to make potpourri and other things that make your home smell lovely. Keep your pantry organized and stop wasting food with the suggestions in this book.