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Get you! She asked me for advice on her career and the media, and if she could come on Good Morning Britain next time she was over, which I said I would arrange. From the cab, Meghan sent me a series of texts thanking me and saying she was looking forward to meeting up again next time we were in the same city. So at this point, I was indeed labouring under the massive misapprehension that we were friends. She met Prince Harry at the dinner that night, went on a solo date with him the next night, and I never heard from her again. She met Prince Harry at a dinner the night we met in person, went on a solo date with him the next night, and I never heard from her again.

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I'd been used. They were just rude. Now I can share fun stuff! I would love to catch up at that favorite pub of yours. Hope to hear from you pal. Love you pal. And frankly, who am I, a former tabloid newspaper editor, to take a dim view of such ruthless antics?

But on another level, the whole experience left me feeling suspicious and cynical about Ms Markle. And nothing in her behaviour since marrying Prince Harry has alleviated those concerns. And anyone or anything that may not give her what she wants or gets in the way of her social climbing self-advancement gets discarded.

Her poor old ailing Dad? Cut off and disowned for struggling to cope with media attention about his daughter.

Kate was also reported to have complained about Meghan being needlessly unpleasant to a royal member of staff. Kate has also reportedly complained that Meghan is unpleasant to a member of staff. Wishlist Wishlist. Write a Review. More Info Add To Wishlist. Dallas Willard. He got them good parking spots even! And yet, I know many more people who have done their best to follow God whose lives are a mess. They keep waiting for him to show up and set everything right for them. Sometimes to the point of not doing for themselves what they need to do!

So many people suffer and wonder if perhaps God is angry with them. And, unfortunately, the process by which humanity finds redemption is a painful one. At the time, the word cross was actually a common Roman curse word. If they were following truth in advertising rules, a lot of them would have to.

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  • I asked God to do what he needs to do in order to redeem me. I asked him to be ruthless. That I wanted as much of him as I was capable of receiving. That he knows my limits and abilities better than I do, so to do as he saw fit — even if I begged him to make it stop.