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He sees one of the clouds is not moving and finds the airship hidden inside. Once inside the vessel, he rescues Roy Robinson after defeating Skymaster and his goons, causing their ship to crash into the harbor. Spidey returns Robinson in time for the big football game and helps him win due to his arms not working from being bound up. However, poor Peter gets fired from his waterboy job for not being at the game as Roy Robinson gets both the glory and the girl.

Peter Parker is sent by J. Jonah Jameson to investigate claims by a seismologist that he has detected subterranean voices in an unknown language. Peter reluctantly carries out the assignment after seeing a rival reporter getting the plum job of investigating the disappearance of a bank. Upon hearing the underground voice transmissions at the seismology lab, Peter uses his spider-hearing to determine that these were the people responsible for making the bank disappear and they are plotting to take another one.

Quickly donning his Spider-Man costume, Peter races to the next bank to be taken and sees the bank disappear into the ground. Spider-Man descends thousands of feet into the sinkhole left by the bank to investigate. He soon discovers the bank in a strange underground city inhabited by hairy, ape-like humanoids called Molemen. Their leader sends the Molemen at Spider-Man, but he evades them and seizes their leader. He discovers he is an escaped criminal called Mugs Reily who tunneled his way out of prison and has disguised himself as a Moleman to become their leader. When unmasked, the angry Molemen turn against him and the banks are lifted back to the surface.

After years of being dismissed as a bookworm, Peter Parker is trying to win a spot as a relief pitcher on his college baseball team. Together with Artie, the team's catcher and Pete's school chum, he changes into his suit and tie before heading off to the local zoo to meet up with some friends. But at that very moment, a group of museum robbers led by the master criminal known as Shakespeare create a diversion by unlocking a zoo cage and letting loose a monstrous gorilla who goes on a rampage, putting the visitors in great danger. Peter hears of the gorilla's escape over a car radio and dashes to an alley where he changes into Spider-Man.

After a fierce battle, Spidey re-captures the ape by knocking it into the seal enclosure, averting a disaster. But later, during a baseball game, the robbers don gorilla suits to rob the college museum of a baseball-sized diamond worth a fortune. Waiting for his chance to get off the bench and onto the pitcher's mound, Peter is sent to collect a fly ball that has been hit out of the stands. But after he locates the ball, a stunned Peter is confronted by a terrified professor who tells him that "apes" have taken over the museum.

Instantly figuring out the robbers' plot, Peter discards his baseball uniform and swings to the museum as Spider-Man, where he sees the criminals.

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However one of the criminals shoots through his web, knocking Spider-Man to the ground. Shakespeare uses a weapon filled with "liquid latex" against him. But Spidey counters with his wits and a suit of armor to defeat Shakespeare and his henchmen. Hopping back into his baseball uniform, Peter returns to the field just in time to throw the last winning pitch and win the game. Peter goes underground again, seeing the same scenery as in "Menace from the Bottom of the World". The building he is in is taken underground by the Molemen, who want to eliminate him before they invade the surface world.

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He meets a race of dwarves and a giant while underground, but escapes from both of them. This time, the Molemen's leader appears to be a genuine Moleman and is called the Mole. Spider-Man captures the Mole and forces him to order the buildings to be returned.

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  • The Mole then accidentally destroys his machinery when firing a gun at Spider-Man, causing an explosion, but Spider-Man swings out of the tunnels in time. Note : This episode re-uses Rocket Robin Hood backgrounds and villains.

    Somehow We Manage: Two Shrinks Analyze the TV Show the Office

    Kotep the Scarlet Sorcerer, an ancient magician frozen in time by a rival sorcerer, is brought back to life in the present day by a college professor who has just been fired and wanting revenge on his former bosses. Kotep scoffs at the professor's commands that he take revenge on his enemies and responds by summoning a green-skinned demon to attack him. A group of students happen upon the professor as he is being struck down. Peter Parker is among them and feigning cowardice, ducks behind a pillar where he changes into his Spider-Man costume.

    Now in his true colors, Spidey battles the cackling sorcerer and his demon slave, but Kotep manages to escape. Later, the hospitalized professor reveals the secret of Kotep's power in the form of his sceptre, to some of his students who promptly try to warn Spider-Man. However, Kotep has other ideas. Bent on conquering the world, the resurrected magician summons an army of demons who promise to follow him if he defeats Spider-Man.

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    Spider-Man finds a giant spider web, but it is a trap which transports him away. He ends up at Kotep's castle. Faced with powerful thousands-of-years-old magic, Spider-Man must find a way to stop one of the most powerful villains he has ever encountered. He finally defeats the sorcerer by taking away his scepter and destroying it. After inadvertently unleashing a giant plant on the city from a seed he found in the house of a missing scientist, Peter Parker travels back in time to 3,, B.

    Spotting a great stone city in the distance, Peter quickly doffs his school clothes to reveal the costume of Spider-Man and, after a battle with an amphibious monster, is captured by a tribe of primitive blue giants. Taken prisoner to the city, Spidey discovers that the professor has become the benevolent ruler of giants and asks for help. The scientist reveals he destroyed the plants with radium. He explains that the only way to stop the menace is to steal radium gems from the temple of an evil society of intelligent plant monsters, which were mutated by its radiation and captured the city from its original inhabitants, the blue giants.

    Spider-Man is knocked out by the plants and put in an arena with 'Goliath', a giant caterpillar-like monster, for the amusement of the Master Vine. After a brief battle, Spider-Man webs up the beast, defeats the plant soldiers and takes the radium gems, which are in the eyes of a huge idol.

    The plants, dependent on the radiation for survival, wither away. Having returned the prehistoric city to its rightful owners, Spider-Man returns to the present and feeds the radium gems to the rampaging giant plant. Unable to absorb so much energy at once, it too withers away, saving the city from destruction. While on a date with his girlfriend Polly to see the premiere of "Pardo Productions Presents: My Pet" along with well-to-do socialites and city officials , Peter Parker becomes entangled in a robbery plot by a villain named Pardo who possesses the strange ability to transform himself into pure energy — while taking the form of an enormous black cat.

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    Everybody in the audience is quickly gassed and left hypnotized by a large eye that appears on the theater screen. Only Peter manages to resist the attack due to his spider-powers. With the rest of the patrons staring helplessly at the screen ahead, the mild-mannered college boy peels off his suit and tie to reveal the fighting togs of Spider-Man.

    Pardo's goons start robbing the audience of their valuables until Spidey intervenes. He enters the giant eye and is trapped in a water tower.

    However, he cuts his way out. Once there, the giant black cat is electrocuted, leaving only Pardo's clothes behind. While in South America as an exchange student, Peter Parker and his professor are flying in a plane over the Andes Mountains during a lightning storm when the plane crashes. The professor, the pilot and the plane's crew all survive, but there is no sign of Peter. Just as they notice that they are trapped in a hostile jungle with dangerous natives watching their every move, none other than Spider-Man comes swinging to the rescue. After building a raft to escape the natives, Spider-Man leads them into an underground river after getting caught in a whirlpool.

    While underground, Spider-Man fights vampire bats using whistling to mess up their sonar. After finally coming out of the cave, they finally see the Cloud City of Gold, which is ruled by a 15th-century conquistador named DeVargas, who attacks them with a giant eagle made of gold. As Spider-Man battles the flying monster, the professor and the crew are captured by DeVargas. Spider-Man makes the eagle crash into an icy mountain, causing it to freeze and shatter.

    Spider-Man then finds himself facing a large spider with its web in the mouth of a volcano, which he also defeats. DeVargas then tries to do Spider-Man in by firing a cannon at him while he remains inside the volcano, causing an eruption. Spider-Man frees his companions and they all escape the Cloud City right before the entire volcano containing the city erupts. Back at the crash site, Spider-Man disappears and the professor and crew find Peter waiting for them. They are finally rescued by helicopter.

    Peter Parker is sent to Antarctica on assignment by J. Jonah Jameson to track down and get pictures of a lunar module that crashed in the South Pole after a failed launch. Peter, along with Penny, the pilot of the Daily Bugle plane, crash land in a blizzard on an island. Upon waking up, Peter finds that Penny had been captured by natives with the intent of offering her, along with the nose cone of the module, as a sacrifice to their volcano god in exchange for warmth. He changes into his costume and, as Spider-Man, must not only must rescue Penny but also stop the natives from throwing the nose cone into the volcano as the resulting explosion would destroy the entire island.

    After battling the natives and many strange creatures including a giant winged snake in an underground cavern, Spider-Man escapes the cavern by pushing aside a statue.