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Lee, stationed at Camp Cooper, Texas, to Mrs. Stiles, August 14, The Mexican War Collection is an artificial collection. An artificial collection is one that, in this case, has been created by Special Collections staff because all the letters and documents related to the the Mexican-American War of These materials are indexed under the following headings in the catalog of The University of Texas at Arlington Library.

Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings. Letters, , undated Extent 0. Arranged chronologically and alphabetically. Material includes letters and manuscripts relating to the Mexican-American War, such as letters from soldiers to family and friends at home, and military correspondence from officers relating military activities. Robert E. Lee letter about the outbreak of war. Includes partial transcript. Marcy discussing the appointment of officers to his volunteer regiment.

Unknown soldier's letter fragment about the battle of Monterey.

Selected Criticism

Includes transcript. A photocopy of John Quincy Carlin's letter home describing his service in the war. He was killed later at Buena Vista on February 23, Letter to Thomas Hall written by George W. Pritchett about the death of Hall's son. Thorpe letter written to Carey Hart of Philadelphia about the war. General William Jenkins Worth letter to an alcalde in Monterey asking him to round up robbers.

Walker letter settling his affairs before shipping off to Mexico.

Mexican War

General William Jenkins Worth letter written in Saltillo about foodstuffs for troops. Letter from Col. John R. Coffey about the discharge of Lewis S. Hancock, a volunteer. Blamire letter home about Mexico and inquires about life at home. General John E. Wool letter recommending job to an officer of the commissary.

Bliss letter describing battle of Cerro Gordo. Two W. Perry letters to his daughter, Miss I. Perry, of New York.

The Events that Figured in the War from 1846-48

Letter by Richard Pakenham, British minister to Mexico, about concern with Texas recognition and annexation. Wright to the Ayuntamiento of Monterey, informing the council to watch houses in the Mexican town for looters. This letter is in Spanish. Paymaster B. Walker letter complaining about the failure to pay his troops. Letter from Cass, Anderson, and Co. Leonard C. McPhail letter requesting information about when a boat is due in at Matamoros. Edward H. Burns's letter to Major Thomas R. Eastland inquiring about knapsacks for troops. General John Wool letter from Monterey to the Alcalde of Monterey ordering the streets to be cleaned.

Letter to Mariane P. Longfellow informing her of the death of a Captain Irwin. Anonymous letter to editors Gales and Seaton in Washington about the state of the armies in Mexico. Simon Bolivar Buckner's letter about a coat that is being made for him. Letter from Secretary of War William L. Marcy to General Nathan Towson. Letter from Quartermaster General G. Jessup to General H. Stanton about state of supplies in Sante Fe.

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Lee letter to a Mrs. Stiles, written from Camp Cooper, Texas. Gladden letter to General John A.

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  • Quitman about flag raising in Mexico City. Partial letter from P. Butler to General W. Thompson about the war. Polk mistrusted Taylor, who he felt had shown incompetence in the Battle of Monterrey by agreeing to the armistice. Taylor later used the Battle of Buena Vista as the centerpiece of his successful presidential campaign. On March 1, , Alexander W. Doniphan occupied Chihuahua City. British consul John Potts did not want to let Doniphan search Governor Trias's mansion, and unsuccessfully asserted it was under British protection.

    American merchants in Chihuahua wanted the American force to stay in order to protect their business. Major William Gilpin advocated a march on Mexico City and convinced a majority of officers, but Doniphan subverted this plan.

    The American merchants either followed or returned to Santa Fe. Along the way, the townspeople of Parras enlisted Doniphan's aid against an Indian raiding party that had taken children, horses, mules, and money.

    17 Texas Revolution & Mexican War | History Hub

    The civilian population of northern Mexico offered little resistance to the American invasion, possibly because the country had already been devastated by Comanche and Apache Indian raids. Josiah Gregg , who was with the American army in northern Mexico, said that "the whole country from New Mexico to the borders of Durango is almost entirely depopulated. The haciendas and ranchos have been mostly abandoned, and the people chiefly confined to the towns and cities. Southern Mexico had a large indigenous population and was geographically distant from the capital.

    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    These issues factored into the Mexican—American War. Navy contributed to the war by controlling the coast and clearing the way for U. Even before hostilities began in the disputed northern region, the U.