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A horror story is told to deliberately scare or frighten the audience, through suspense, violence or shock. Lovecraft distinguishes two primary varieties in the "Introduction" to Supernatural Horror in Literature : 1 Physical Fear or the "mundanely gruesome" and 2 the true Supernatural Horror story or the "Weird Tale". The supernatural variety is occasionally called "dark fantasy", since the laws of nature must be violated in some way, thus qualifying the story as "fantastic".

Magical realism, also called Magic realism , is literary works where magical events form part of ordinary life. The reader is forced to accept that abnormal events such as levitation, telekinesis and talking with the dead take place in the real world. The writer does not invent a new world or describe in great detail new creatures, as is usual in Fantasy; on the contrary, the author abstains from explaining the fantastic events to avoid making them feel extraordinary.

It is often regarded as a genre exclusive to Latin American literature , but some of its chief exponents include English authors. A mystery story follows an investigator as they attempt to solve a puzzle often a crime. For example, in the case of a crime mystery the perpetrator and motive behind the crime are revealed and the perpetrator is brought to justice. Mystery novels are often written in series, which facilitates a more in-depth development of the primary investigator. Paranoid fiction is works of literature that explore the subjective nature of reality and how it can be manipulated by forces in power.

These forces can be external, such as a totalitarian government, or they can be internal, such as a character's mental illness or refusal to accept the harshness of the world they are in. Philosophical fiction is fiction in which a significant proportion of the work is devoted to a discussion of the sort of questions normally addressed in discursive philosophy.

These might include the function and role of society, the purpose of life, ethics or morals, the role of art in human lives, and the role of experience or reason in the development of knowledge. Philosophical fiction works would include the so-called novel of ideas, including a significant proportion of science fiction, utopian and dystopian fiction, and Bildungsroman. The modus operandi seems to be to use a normal story to simply explain difficult and dark parts of human life. Political fiction is a subgenre of fiction that deals with political affairs. Political fiction has often used narrative to provide commentary on political events, systems and theories.

Works of political fiction often "directly criticize an existing society or Equally influential, if not more so, have been earlier pieces of political fiction such as Gulliver's Travels , Candide and Uncle Tom's Cabin Political fiction frequently employs the literary modes of satire, often in the genres of Utopian and dystopian fiction or social science fiction.

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The term "romance" has multiple meanings ; historical romances like those of Walter Scott would use the term to mean "a fictitious narrative in prose or verse; the interest of which turns upon marvellous and uncommon incidents". Beyond the focus on the relationship, the biggest defining characteristic of the romance genre is that a happy ending is always guaranteed They were written in the Old Norse language, mainly in Iceland. The texts are epic tales in prose, often with stanzas or whole poems in alliterative verse embedded in the text, of heroic deeds of days long gone, tales of worthy men, who were often Vikings, sometimes Pagan, sometimes Christian.

The tales are usually realistic, except legendary sagas, sagas of saints, sagas of bishops and translated or recomposed romances. They are sometimes romanticised and fantastic, but always dealing with human beings one can understand.

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Often strictly defined as a literary genre or form , though in practice it is also found in the graphic and performing arts. In satire , human or individual vices, follies, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to censure by means of ridicule, derision, burlesque , irony , or other methods, ideally with the intent to bring about improvement. Satire is usually meant to be funny, but its purpose is not primarily humour as an attack on something the author disapproves of, using wit.

A common, almost defining feature of satire is its strong vein of irony or sarcasm , but parody , burlesque, exaggeration, juxtaposition, comparison, analogy, and double entendre all frequently appear in satirical speech and writing. The essential point, is that "in satire, irony is militant. Science fiction is similar to fantasy , except stories in this genre use scientific understanding to explain the universe that it takes place in.

It generally includes or is centered on the presumed effects or ramifications of computers or machines ; travel through space , time or alternate universes ; alien life-forms; genetic engineering ; or other such things. The science or technology used may or may not be very thoroughly elaborated on; stories whose scientific elements are reasonably detailed, well-researched and considered to be relatively plausible given current knowledge and technology are often referred to as hard science fiction.

In Indian cinema terminology, social films or simply socials are films with a contemporary setting, as opposed to those with mythological and period settings. Speculative fiction speculates about worlds that are unlike the real world in various important ways. In these contexts, it generally overlaps one or more of the following: science fiction, fantasy fiction , horror fiction , supernatural fiction , superhero fiction , utopian and dystopian fiction , apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction , and alternate history. Suppositional fiction is a subcategory in which stories and characters are constrained within an internally consistent world, but this category is not necessarily associated with any particular genre.

A Thriller is a story that is usually a mix of fear and excitement. It has traits from the suspense genre and often from the action , adventure or mystery genres, but the level of terror makes it borderline horror fiction at times as well. It generally has a dark or serious theme, which also makes it similar to drama.

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Urban fiction , also known as street lit , is a literary genre set, as the name implies, in a city landscape; however, the genre is as much defined by the race and culture of its characters as the urban setting. I still have so many questions!! When does book 2 comes out again??

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  • The Devil's Game : A Fast-Paced Christian Fiction Suspense Thriller.
  • Oh yeah, not soon enough. The Bull Rider's Secret. I'll be honest, this series and I got a rocky start. I have enjoyed the Wilder bunch and I've loved watching them each grow and find their perfect matches. I've been anxiously awaiting Mackenzie's story, and when it finally hit my little fingers I had to read it instantly. As you can imagine this caused some tension when they saw each other again since they did not part on the best of terms.

    This led to a lot of problems and misplaced assumptions because they both stewed over their feelings for years. Guess what? It could've been avoided had they just communicated with each other all those years ago. Because they already knew each other, and were already in love with each other, they had a pretty good start to a solid foundation. Once they started reconnecting and working things out they really built the foundation they needed. They stayed level headed mostly , and started working towards a better future.

    "christian fiction"

    They both had a lot of pain and brokenness they were covering up, stuff they didn't want anyone to know about, yet they learned to truly lean on God and lean on each other. It was a wholesome, sweet story. Tuesday, July 30, Review: The String. The String. Author: Caleb Breakey. Series: Deadly Games book 1. I love a good thriller, especially when there is a head mastermind pulling all of the strings. This book was totally up my alley There is a point where there are too many characters and too many moving parts! This book fell into that category. Don't get me wrong, I understand there needs to be multiple angles for a "game" like this to work.

    I think it was too much in book form. Please don't egg my house, but I think this would've been better suited as a movie. There were a few storylines that weren't completed, and not in a cliffhanger way, but in a "totally forgot that was in there" way. I had no clue this was going to be a series, so I wonder where the author is going to take these storylines and the series as a whole.

    I spent most of the book utterly confused, and not in a good way. The "bad guy" completed blind sided me props to the author , but I didn't really understand his mindset behind "the game".

    The 1st person POV character, Markus, really got under my skin. He was SO selfish in all of this actions and jumped into every situation without thinking.

    I'm sure there is an audience for this type of thriller, probably super visual, quick minded people!