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This is great for reading aloud but young children will also enjoy looking through the pages independently. If I had a dinosaur. This picture book tells the story of a little girl who dreams of having a pet dinosaur. Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp! The book features different types of dinosaurs including a handy pronunciation guide! Dinosaurium Welcome To The Museum. Chris Wormell. Best suited to older readers Upper KS2 , this impressive hardback is the closest thing you can get to a museum in book form.

Dinosaurs Don't Draw. Picassaur breaks the mould in his family full of fierce, stomping dinosaurs who would much rather be fighting and roaring than drawing and painting rocks.

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There's a T-Rex in Town. Ruth Symons. Find out what might happen if a dinosaur was alive today.

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Perhaps it would visit the park or a birthday party. This is a great book to spark the imagination and one that is full of interesting dinosaur facts. Prehistoric Actual Size. Steve Jenkins. This book allows readers to gain a sense of the relative sizes of different prehistoric animals or the parts of them that fit on the page at least!

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  • A great book for linking to measuring activities. Mad About Dinosaurs! These rhymes are ideal for reading aloud and learning by heart! Dinosaurs: Ladybird First Fabulous Facts. Tony T-Rex's Family Album. Mile Benton.

    A visually appealing hardback book to be treasured by dinosaur fans. We ask that you report content that you in good faith believe violates the above rules by clicking the Flag link next to the offending comment or by filling out this form. New comments are only accepted for 3 days from the date of publication. Subscriber Only. Make it Scream, Make it Burn: Essays of compassion and conviction. Sontag: Her Life — Desperately seeking Susan. The Book Club.

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    A fun, education-packed dinosaur subscription box for kids!

    Sign In. Don't have an account? Forgot Password? Not an Irish Times subscriber? Jack Fallon's life is being downsized. His wife of twenty-four years is dumping him, and the only company he's ever worked for is about to do the same Refusing to become fossils, Fallon and his cohorts dub themselves "The Dinosaur Club," and prepare to strike like ferocious T-rexes.

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    Using clandestine maneuvers, corporate intrigue, good old-fashioned office politics, and a secret weapon -- Samantha Moore, a beautiful young attorney -- The Dinosaur Club vows to reverse evolution and drive the company's greedy Young Turks into extinction. Award-winning author William Heffernan puts a scathing spin on corporate America in a novel that is both hilarious and compellingly on the money. In this wryly twisting, engaging tale, Edgar Allen Poe Award winner Heffernan for Best Original Paperback: Tarnished Blue revisits the time-honored theme of one man battling an avaricious system.