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While most of his career experience and investor successes are in internet companies, Elman led Greylock's investment in SmartThings, which was acquired by Samsung. Krikorian shifted to venture capital and created a leading portfolio of connected consumer and HardTech investments. An entrepreneur turned investor, Zuberi and the Lux team pursue deeptech investments ranging to drone technology to material science.

In his role at Next47, Ananth focuses on five fields of innovation: artificial intelligence, autonomous machines, distributed electrification, connected mobility and blockchain applications. Chang has been a very visible evangelist for Hardtech investing, including wearable technology, and for Mayfield Fund. When we started SkyBell, so many investors turned us down.

They didn't understand hardware or the vision to execute a game-changing technology like an IoT video doorbell. That's why I compiled this list. I want to help make that process easier, so you can find the right investors, attract the capital you need and use these investors to help you scale quickly. He has spent much of the last forty years calling himself a Dictionary editor Susan Butler follows the changing language, documenting it as objectively as possible. There are those who want the dictionary to censor aspects of language that they deem Recently, Jake was awarded Born in New Tim Sharp is an internationally acclaimed After noticing many people dangerously using their phones while crossing the road, high school student Jake Coppinger decided to develop a form of human-computer interaction that does away with Jihad Dib was told the task was too big, the school too damaged and the community too fractured.

He was told it wasn't worth the effort. Oliver Percovich first skated in an empty pool at the age of six, while growing up in Papua New Guinea. In Oliver moved to Afghanistan from Australia when Tim and Judy Sharp's story is one of great love and inspiration. Tim Sharp was diagnosed with Autism at age three, his mother was told that she Vik Nithy will be speaking about how meditation has helped him overcome his personal struggles with mental health. He will also be exploring how meditation can help young people People who are blind, can now effectively read, thanks to technological evolution since the early 20th century.

In an enlightening and persuasive talk, psychologist Evan Kidd argues that we need to start taking play more seriously. He explains how children with imaginary friends are more creative After a long career in journalism and publishing Imagine Media, publisher of Business 2. As a traditional owner, educator, UN delegate and communicator, Mary works with her people Seb lives many lives.

His other interests include electronic Music educator Richard Gill argues the case for igniting the imagination through music and for making our own music.

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In this talk, he leads the TEDxSydney audience through some A reflection on life, death, and splinters. Colin Taylor has built his life by hand. Four houses, an ocean-going yacht, a trimaran, and an aeroplane — which he learnt Join host Fraser Orford as he hears seven such ideas, and stay tuned at the end of the video for a special impromptu performance for the people of New Raised on the Victorian surf coast, Annika Schmarsel aka Alice Ivy, recalls a childhood coloured by extensive DMC is a movement-based team combining art forms Having grown up in In chatting with Sarah before she steps onto As with our TEDx Sydney talks, the Film Program is designed to provoke thought, make us laugh or just allow us to lose ourselves in beautiful visuals.

Curator Melanie With a roster of With a roster of 20 femme fatales, the Bad Bitch Choir has become an inner Want to know how to become a Satanic Overlord? Michael Hing tells us all the steps to take in this humorous look on "advice". Michael Hing is a Sydney-based Transcendent Arc is a guided improvisation that explores and celebrates the poetic, calming and uplifting beauty of breath and melody. The Sticks is a futuristic live electronic act revolving around a new custom-built gestural electronic drumkit called Silo Bangoura is a Guinian musician. At turns delicate and dramatic, Of The Fields connects the dynamism of Taikoz' taiko with Lingalayam's blend of Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi dance forms.

Since Taikoz has Since he has released four albums: Not Frank Yamma is a traditional Pitjantjatjara man from Australia's central desert and speaks five languages. An extraordinary songwriter and an exceptional guitarist frank has been on the stage since One man, two tennis racquets, much hilarity. Captain Frodo is a third generation showman. He spent his childhood on the road as an assistant in his Dad's Magic Black Arm Band is a flexible musical theatre ensemble that performs on stages and in community contexts across the Marlon Williams is a Folk Troubadour.

Linsey Pollak plays and loops ""Mr Curly"" a contra bass clarinet made from narrow bore garden hose and a feather duster sopranino clarinet. Linsey Pollak is an Australian Burad meaning White Breasted Eagle in the Badjtala language of the Fraser Coast region, is a story that shares the important teaching of how one watches the natural environment The work is a meditation on the notion of beauty. Described as ""the impossible love child of Elvis, Roy Orbison and Townes Van Zandt"", Williams voice soars to every corner, as he sung songs steeped in New Zealand history Black Arm Band is a flexible musical theatre ensemble that performs on stages and in community contexts across the globe, as well as extensively across metropolitan, regional and remote It's Artistotle meets Darwin meets Neo-Fascism meets hand towels.

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Sydney's leading thought leader Linsey Pollak turns a carrot into a clarinet using an electic drill a carrot and a saxophone mouthpiece, and plays it all in a matter of 5 minutes. If you're looking for inspiration, don't turn to a writer -- they thrive on misery.


Writing a book is all about struggling with inadequate prose, false starts and discarded Since childhood, Megan has been afflicted with a stutter which has Awesomely original people and douchebags have something in common: they don't care what other people think about them. But how do you know which group you're in? At age 5, Music has been a part of Ally's life for as long as she can remember. The Acappelicans perform: Far Away Founded in the historical year of , the Acappelicans is a strong, mixed a cappella group featuring arrangements by Chris Dendle.

The Acappelicans perform: Real World Founded in the historical year of , the Acappelicans is a strong, mixed a cappella group featuring arrangements by Chris Dendle.

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A vocal artist of the highest order Mr. Darren Percival takes his live audiences on a ride at every performance.

BTS: The making of TEDxSydney opening titles HumanKind video

As the runner-up in the "The Voice", Darren found From busking the streets of Western Australia and becoming Australia's Joseph and his brother James bring an exciting performing dynamic to the stage, challenging traditional musical forms and pushing boundaries. They have been nominated 9 times consecutively in the Veren began his musical adventure at the age of three; his natural dedication to the violin prompted a life of passionate devotion to his instrument and musical frontiers.

Live in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Greg Sheehan is one of Australia's premier and most innovative percussionists widely regarded internationally as a leader in his field. As a performer, he is significantly represented in the Armed with just a microphone, Tom Thum pushes the limits of the human voice to create incredible soundtracks of impossible beats and phenomenal sounds, with scratched vinyl, the Michael Kate Miller-Heidke performs her daunting and stirring piece: "Humiliation". Ensemble Offspring: Australia's new music ensemble, dedicated to the performance of innovative music and cross-genre collaborations.

The Sydney-based group is committed to a living classical music tradition combining classics Kate Miller-Heidke released her critically-acclaimed 3rd studio album, 'Nightflight' in , debuting Kate Miller-Heidke performs her haunting piece: "Sarah". Dancer Rajeswari Sainath's art has been hailed as carrying an 'imaginative splendour that goes beyond technique'.

The Evolution of a Slingshot: From A Toy To A Catalyst For Change

You think giving a TEDx Talk is difficult? Comedian Justine Rogers doesn't think so.


Not if you follow her simple 6 point plan. Justine Rogers is also an academic Tim has released seven albums over the last 19 years, telling a very Australian Ben Walsh's diverse percussion and drumming skills have made him a fixture at festivals around the world.

Here, he tells us a little of his story and proceeds to An insight into Josh and Daniel's collaborative process on a new film, featuring the first public performances of some of the songs written for it. Daniel Johns is A proud descendant of the Djabera Djabera of Western Australia's Kimberley area, Tjuppuru plays a unique slide didjeridu, the Didjeribone, through a seismic transducer and a range of electronic Synergy is a world of sound with percussion at its heart.

BTS: The making of TEDxSydney opening titles HumanKind video - TEDxSydney

The group continues a journey which began 35 years ago, touching audiences with the beauty and expressive diversity Here's his solo rendition of one of his best-loved songs, chosen as the final performance of TEDxSydney Shenzo turned the violin world literally upside down when he became the first violinist to play upside down and fly through the air. This unusual combination of At TEDxSydney , organising committee member Julian Morrow delivered a hilarious summary of the day's talk topics, speakers and performances, all written and rehearsed during the course of the Katie Noonan's technical mastery and pure voice make her one of Australia's most versatile and beloved vocalists.

A mother, singer, producer, songwriter, pianist and business woman, this 4 x Greg Sheehan is a Rhythm Magician. His astounding musicality and passion shines brilliantly through the instruments he plays. He is firmly in the realm of Australia's great musical innovators, The Circle of Rhythm is a collaboration between three of Australia's most respected, virtuosic and unique percussionists; Greg Sheehan, Bobby Singh and Ben Walsh, known individually and collectively through Under the direction of Lyn Williams OAM, the Sydney Children's Choir has built a worldwide reputation for choral excellence, inspiring audiences with a distinctive Australian choral sound.

The choir These two women combine stunning harmonies and a Satsuki Odamura is a koto virtuoso who moved to Australia in after gaining her Shihan master license from koto legends Tadao and Kazue Sawai. In she formed Since their first acclaimed Australian national tour in , the Grigoryan Brothers performances have astounded audiences world-wide.

Regarded as Australia's finest classical guitar duo, their passion is to expand Sam Simmons is one of the most daring and unconventional comics in Australia if not the world. Completely original and vastly absurd, he has one foot firmly planted into The eldest daughter of iconic Australian rock singer-songwriter Jimmy Barnes, Mahalia has been obsessed with soul music since her teens.

About 8 years ago she started doing her own William Barton is one of Australia's leading didjeridu players and composers and is a powerful advocate for the wider perception of his cultural traditions. Check out this fusion of A vocal artist of the highest order, Darren Percival takes his live audiences on a ride at every performance.

With the use of a looping pedal, he has made Actor, comedian and writer Greig Pickhaver also known as H. Here, in inimitable style, he has Bobby is an internationally renowned tabla player, talented and skilled in both traditional Indian classical music and cross cultural genres, lauded throughout Australia and internationally for his work with Here, at the top of the fourth session of a long day, they provide the No musical stone is left unturned.

TED regular Rives brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'beat poet' and also the phrase 'right hand man' in this poetic, musical story from TEDxSydney Theatre director Simon Stone deconstructs some of the common visual and audio tricks of modern theatre in this first-ever performance utilising a cast of first-time volunteer actors recruited in Passionate, sincere and proudly Australian, 26 year old Melbourne-based singer songwriter Missy Higgins has enjoyed well earned success. Here she treats the TEDxSydney audience with three songs, two of In the game of love, sometimes you just need to roll the dice.

A Yelldesign Production. In the centre of Paris, a group of young deaf people gather together weekly, turn up the music and dance it out. Bio Jon Mark Oldmeadow is a director and Two Tetris blocks fall deeply in love. But there's only one problem; they can't quite seem to fit. Until they try something a little unconventional.

A BMF Production. A nurse grieves the loss of a patient in an unconventional and unexpected way. A Jungle Production. Collective Consciousness has an undeniably positive effect on the individual.

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  8. Can it affect change on society and our surroundings? A Passion Pictures Production. An intimate glimpse into the life of an Australian wildlife filmmaker, living in one of the world's busiest cities - and the unexpected wild family that keeps her there. Since the apology in , the number of Indigenous children in out-of-home care has risen from 9, to over 16, This is one mother's story. A Pursekey Productions Production. Three Australians form a cover band of the Bee Gees and try their luck on the lucrative tribute band circuit in America.

    In a world of visual saturation, one questions what place is left for originality and meaning. A Pixel Production. Andy Thomas creates digital life-forms that respond to archival birdsongs. A film made entirely of Donald Trump quotes. His candid photos document the people he sees around the city - often solitary Arlene Blencowes is a single mum as well as a dual world boxing champion and world ranked combat athlete.

    A paddle boarder encounters an unexpected moment of serenity with two whales. Albert Bluth takes a look at the unique and interesting characters that live all around us. On this very special episode, Albert meets Malcolm Goram, an Innovator with a A day in the day in the life of the newest employee at the Sydney Opera House. In this illuminating talk, Angelina Arora, a year-old innovator, describes the importance of asking questions and how to bounce back from failure, all through the lens of her two The future is created by the decisions we make today.