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So, I have a personal interest in the "Arnold scandal", his infidelity to his wife Maria Shriver. And, necessarily, I've also a complicated, emotional attitude to abortion.

The love child: hope born of betrayal | Clancy Sigal | Opinion | The Guardian

I wonder if Arnold's housekeeper's son, being raised by his single mother, is feeling as I did growing up — which is sad that I don't have a "real" dad, but at least, I'm not an orphan or dead. There are vast differences, of course. My folks were Depression-poor, and Arnold — and Maria — are filthy rich. They are both celebrities with millions in cash at their disposal.

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Schwarzenegger can afford to make a deal with the boy's mother — and probably has, as some sources report. My only real grudge against my own hardly-ever-there dad is that: a he wasn't around much; and b he'd rather unionise workers than make money. He was a labour organiser.

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  • So, it was ma and me against the world on our own — and, looking back, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm sorry only about one other thing, which is that my half-brother and half-sister, dad's "legitimate" children, both fine people, had a problem with me when we finally discovered each other after our parents died. It took my dad several years of agonising indecision to tell them once I popped up in his life.

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    They had always seen themselves as Leo Sigal's proper children, and why not? So, it came as a shock when he finally 'fessed up, late in the game, as Arnold just did with Maria, years on.

    From day one, my mother Jennie always knew she had taken her man away from his wife and kids. She coped with the knowledge as only a "fallen woman" could in those days.

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    Dad's wife, the mother of his kids, I'm told, lived for years in denial — until he finally returned to the family hearth, when God knows what revenge she took on him. Arnold may be lucky Maria has moved out; she can look pretty fearsome.

    The worst part of it all was that I had to grow up not knowing any of this, at least consciously, until I was in my thirties. Touching and heartfelt, The Love Child is a story about discovering what matters most in your life and having the courage to reach for it — not just once, but again and again.

    How a bastard phrase went mainstream.

    Amanda Brookfield Best-Selling Novelist. About Reviews. It's an engrossing story based around friends and their families. These are all very 'real' characters that you soon feel for. I found it wonderful and intriguing; finding out who's who, who's with who, deep feeling really came through the writing I could picture this as a TV mini series! Amazon Reviewer. Profoundly poignant, touching and acutely perceptive this credible novel speaks to the heart with such sincerity.