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Foreign Policy. Market opening and international negotiations. Human rights and the values of our society. International security. International cooperation. White Helmets.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship.

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About Ministry of Foreing Affairs and Worship. Unctuous Osbert to Too much influenced by pure-bloods of wealth and status; was little more than a puppet in the hands of Septimus Malfoy. Artemisia Lufkin to First female Minister for Magic. Established the Department of International Magical Cooperation , and lobbied successfully to have a Quidditch World Cup held in Britain during her term. Grogan Stump to Defined " Being " and " Beast ", settling a debate that had been going on since the 14th century. Josephina Flint to Revealed a severe anti- Muggle bias during her term; specifically attacked new Muggle inventions such as the telegraph , which she claimed interfered with wand function.

Ottaline Gambol to Came up with the idea of having the Hogwarts Express to solve the dilemma of how to transport students to Hogwarts School without attracting Muggle attention. Established committees to investigate Muggle brainpower. Radolphus Lestrange to Unsuccessfully attempted to close down the Department of Mysteries. Resigned due to ill health widely rumoured to have been unable to cope with the strains of office. Hortensia Milliphutt to Introduced more legislation than any other Minister. Political downfall came when she began passing regulations on hat pointiness and other wearisome laws.

Evangeline Orpington to Had concealed platforms built at King's Cross Station to house wizarding trains.

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Believed to have intervened magically and illegally in the Crimean War. Priscilla Dupont to Developed an irrational loathing of the Muggle Prime Minister Lord Palmerston , which led to a series of Muggle-baiting incidents. Forced to resign after it became too much.

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Dugald McPhail to A period of calm and stability. Established the Knight Bus in Faris "Spout-Hole" Spavin to Longest-serving Minister. Left office at age , after attending Queen Victoria 's funeral wearing an admiral's hat and spats. Survived an assassination attempt by a centaur , who took offence to the punchline of his "a centaur, a ghost and a dwarf walk into a bar" joke.

Venusia Crickerly to Competent and likeable Minister. Died in in a Mandrake -related gardening accident. Archer Evermonde to Passed emergency legislation preventing wizards from taking part in the on-going First World War , lest this cause a massive breach of the International Statute of Secrecy. Lorcan McLaird to An exceptionally taciturn man who preferred to communicate in monosyllables and expressive puffs of smoke that he produced with his wand.

Forced out of office out of sheer irritation. Hector Fawley to Term in office coincided with the beginning of Gellert Grindelwald 's "For the Greater Good" revolution. Fawley did not take Grindelwald's threat to the world wizarding community sufficiently seriously and was, as a result, forced from his office.

Leonard Spencer-Moon to Tea-boy in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. A sound Minister, oversaw a period of great turmoil in both the wizarding global wizarding war and the Muggle world Second World War. Maintained a good working relationship with Winston Churchill. Wilhelmina Tuft to Presided over a period of welcome peace and prosperity.

Minister for Magic

Died in office, after eating Alihotsy -flavoured fudge which she was allergic to. Ignatius Tuft to Son of his predecessor, who gained election based on his mother's popularity. Tried to institute a controversial and dangerous Dementor breeding programme, and was forced from his office. Nobby Leach to First Muggle-born Minister for Magic. Denied having had anything to do with England's World Cup win. Left office after contracting a mysterious illness conspiracy theories abound - Abraxas Malfoy is widely believed to have been part of the shady plot that made him leave his post prematurely.

Eugenia Jenkins to Dealt competently with the pure-blood riots during the Squib Rights marches of the late s. The first rise of Lord Voldemort saw her ousted from office, as the people saw her as inadequate to meet the challenge. Harold Minchum to Placed even more Dementors in Azkaban , but could not contain Voldemort 's seemingly unstoppable rise to power. Millicent Bagnold to Minister during the terminal phase of the First Wizarding War.

It was during her term that Lord Voldemort seemingly died following the James and Lily Potter murders in Responsible for the successful Death Eater trials immediately after the war. Cornelius Fudge to Most of the wizarding world supported Albus Dumbledore for Minister when Bagnold retired, but Fudge was appointed when Dumbledore refused the office. Fudge relied heavily on Dumbledore in the first years of his term. When Lord Voldemort returned, Fudge persistently refused to accept it, and launched a smear campaign to discredit those who claimed the Dark Lord had returned.

Was ousted from office when Voldemort appeared in the Ministry itself. Rufus Scrimgeour to Head of the Auror Office. Tried to reassure the wizard population that the ministry were making progress in the war. This was done through reorganising some Ministry offices , publicising arrests , and trying to recruit Harry Potter as the Ministry's poster-boy. As a result, actual progress was reduced and the ministry was not able to meet the threat posed by a returned Voldemort.

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Murdered at the hands of Voldemort during a Death Eater coup. Pius Thicknesse to Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

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Thicknesse was effectively a puppet of the Death Eater regime and was unconscious of anything he was doing the reason why he is ommited from most official records as a Minister. Kingsley Shacklebolt to Oversaw the capture of Death Eaters and supporters following Voldemort's death. Led a massive reform of the Ministry, in order to rid it of corruption and pro- pure-blood laws. Purged Dementors from Azkaban.

Hermione Granger -. Had previously been one of the top Ministry employees during Shacklebolt's massive reform of the Ministry, a progressive voice who ensured the eradication of oppressive, pro-pureblood laws.