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Cycling in the Cities: Seven New Local Inventions for Bike Enthusiasts Here and Around the Globe

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Steenblik Hwang. But, they got many names during the time of its development; the name bicycle was adopted later. The first known bicycle with a verifiable record was made by a German inventor Barn Karl von Drais. It was a two-wheeled human-powered bicycle. Instead, these earlier bicycles had a wooden frame and wooden tires. They could be only propelled by pushing feet against the ground. Drais got his first patent in Finally, after , velocipedes were rarely seen.

A very important improvement to the running machine velocipede was made by Pierre Michaux.

Baron Karl von Drais

He introduced pedals in it that were attached to the axle of its front wheel. The Introduction of pedals made the velocipede famous again for some time. But had not sustained its fame for long. Boneshaker declination came very fast because there was a flaw in its design. The flaw was the attachment of pedals to its front wheel, which made the steering difficult for a rider while paddling.

Another reason was its heavy weight that took a lot of effort to propel it forward with pedals. The father of this model is a French, named Eugene Meyer. Eugene modified boneshaker and made the front wheel of its bicycle large, and its rear wheel smaller for increased speed.

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Also, he made the frame of his bicycle very light which further contributed to high speeds. High-bicycles were very good at the ride, but they presented a risk of over-thrown to its rider if he braked suddenly or hit something. This risk was due to the large front wheel, which made this bicycle very unsafe. The next major phase in the development of bicycles was to improve its design and make it safer.