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Colour Photos of the Legendary Parisian Food Market, Les Halles in

We feel that these notions are dated. Yet one can still register the craftsmanship and quality of Galet's Gallic provenance. And though the brand may be young, Horemans and Goggins' creations are in such demand that the pair has already opened a brick-and-mortar store at 8 Rue de l'Odeon, off Boulevard Saint-Germain. It is only just the beginning: With plans to make Galet a staple in the men's luxury loafer arena, Horemans and Goggins will also venture out into accessories including leather cardholders, belts, and weekend bags. Says Horemans: "In everything that we make, we want our customers to recognize that we have done something original yet approachable.

The fact that we make all of our products in France demonstrates our ethos for both quality and style. Grey skies. Bad air. When it comes to adding up what is good about Paris, emotions usually take the lead: the city of lovers, the banks of the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, "Gigi". But if you look at the data points, the French capital has a lot to answer for — especially in the winter of , which has been one of the coldest and wettest on record. Paris's 1, hours of sunshine per year make it one of the dullest cities in Europe — trailing behind northern neighbours like Copenhagen 1, hours per year , Stockholm 1, and even Minsk 1, , according to Current Results, a website that compiles scientific research.

But the Parisian grisaille, or greyness, is nothing new, certainly to anyone who lives here. One of the first things arrivals learn is that Paris is further north than Quebec City, Canada — a place where they have an annual Winter Carnival and make ice sculptures the size of houses. What they don't always learn is that the "City of Light" nickname dates back to the Paris Fair of , and refers to a pavilion dedicated to the joys of electric lighting — which the city was early to deploy on its sombre streets.

When it comes to urban air pollution, let's face it, much of the developing world's cities make the developed world's cities look good.

Donald Byrd - Parisian Thoroughfare : Byrd in Paris, Vol 2 1958 - 180g LP

One ranking, by the website Numbeo, based in part on World Health Organisation data, puts Paris at the 13th worst air quality of all European cities — better than Naples and Bucharest but worse than Athens and London. Parisians learn to live with a regular stream of pollution alerts — the visible brown haze that stings the eyes and causes schools to keep children off the playground at lunchtime. Part of the problem is that Paris lies in a natural basin, so the breezes don't do their job of clearing the air.

A contributing factor has been the enduring affection Parisians have for their cars — something that successive administrations of eco-loving Paris mayors have only been able to dent. The mayor who came closest to turning Paris green was Bertrand Delanoe, the immediate predecessor of the current office-holder, Anne Hidalgo. Mr Delanoe, who served from to , ushered in Ve'lib, the bike-sharing system run by the French company JCDecaux.

The grey Ve'libs attracted , regular users in Paris and inspired similar systems in London and other cities. Combined with Mr Delanoe's aggressive efforts to condemn parking spaces and carve out bike lanes, Paris gained a reputation as one of the most cyclist-friendly cities in Europe. But with the expiration on January 1 of Decaux's year concession, Paris has struggled to keep the system going.

A French-Spanish firm, Smovengo, was awarded the contract but has not met its deadlines for converting the old Ve'lib stands for its system, leaving hundreds of ugly, gaping holes in pavements all over the city. Meanwhile, gobee. But the firm decided in late February to pull out amid thefts and vandalism, blaming "underaged individuals" in search of "new entertainment. She chucked her ballet slippers for some pumps, but kept her jeans on. Actually, she only stopped by the party because she had a little bit of free time. She has to look totally natural, like she just tossed everything together in 10 minutes in the morning.

She uses fashion to flatter her body and therefore will only wear something that is adapted to her body type.

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Also, she will not wear something that does not fit her lifestyle. She is not a slave to fashion but they are still some unsaid rules. You never go for the total look, you do not wear sport shoes except if you are a teenager or going to the gym as a commenter said if you need comfort you wear ballerinas and you do not wear a down jacket!

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Ballet flats where not created for dogs where they? It means, for example, shiny hair but never blown out.

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Red lipstick, but very little make up. Very natural hair color too.

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She is the definition of studied effortlessness. Everything is super thought about, but she looks like she just woke up in the morning exactly the way she appears in front of you. She would sit down and talk and eat and she would never ever eat a sandwich while working. It is really interesting that the French are among the most healthy people, if you look at the statistics, that always amazes me!

I think that if you eat with other people and socialize while eating it is healthy and a glass of red wine is always good for your vessels. She has a coffee in the morning, and 12 later. And she drinks red wine. She works a lot, even more if in fashion, art or cinema. She loves to go to APC, to thrift shops with her friends and to show up with her cute boyfriend. When you know her, she is actually super nice, fun and absolutely lovable. She needs love and affection.

I settled in London and New York for a few years but my heart belongs to Paris.

In the morning I drink coffee and eat two tartines with raspberry jam. Seeing the Eiffel Tower makes me smile. I take bike rides in the city and eat croissants only on the weekends. I put make up on my eyes or my mouth but never the two at the same time — except for a little mascara of course. I have a french bulldog thats called Louis and I live in the heart of the city I love. She mixes brands, is never try hard and likes to look nonchalant.

She has something about her that makes her irresistible and walks with our son on her 12cm heels and her super overstuffed Balenciaga weekender. She likes to make fun of people, talks out loud and is extra cool. Morning is coffee and tartines. I love and I say that without any irony, you know how important breakfast is for me that you took to heart my question about breakfast… And so we learned that for most Parisiennes, breakfast is tartines and coffee.

And this, too :. I come from a completely different culture than Paris and I remember feeling so out of place when I first got there. It was tough to adapt. But I learned to know and love the Parisienne. She can be intimidating at first, but she is frank, non-hypocritical, and she has a heart of gold and is hilarious. I like how much the put together and quiet appearance has this kind of wacky and irreverent underbelly.

The illustration is from my last campaign with Seafarer. You can see it in full here! Comment vous dire Garance, Vous avez absolument raison absolument raison sur la description de la parisienne. Nan, chuis pas du tout schizo. First off: Thank you so much for the shout out! She can be so sensitve, but has to hide behind her perfect looks to survive the city! At least not as much as Parisians would. People seem to think that the parisienne pretends a lot. She loves fashion and wears eccentric pieces, but she has her own interpretation of style.

The same goes for her behavior. This is why the rest of the world envies her. Merci beaucoup!