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Deadly master swordsmen who, without lords to serve, roamed Japan offering their skills wherever needed. As the need for their swordsmanship declined, they became master artisans making textiles, crafting poetry, painting and writing books. Part two of our nod to the world of library from Athens of the North introduce Greg Foat journeys into the world of synthesis with good friend James Thorpe. Greg's output continues to be prolific without ever tiring, he never plays it safe and is always looking forward whilst having an ear for our musical-heritage.

French producer, instrumentalist and DJ, Neue Grafik, has been building a strong rep for himself over the past few years, releasing records previously on labels such as Rhythm Section, 22a, CoOp Presents and Wolf Music. In his own words "this mini album has been conceived as a journey from Deptford to Dalston, right through Peckham. During a personal period of transition, I put this music forward at a crossroad of all my influences, taking the time to share and experiment with a band - more than that, an ensemble. The best representation of that is Total Refreshment Centre.

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Having been first properly introduced to the community of the TRC during an after-hours jam, it came to TRC founder Lex Blondel's attention that Neue Grafik had some exquisite compositions of his own. A few weeks later, it was decided that Neue Grafik would form a band and that they would do their first gig at TRC, a week after the first day of rehearsals. Then the band got to work…" Title track 'Foulden Road' commences the session in truly energetic fashion, named after the street in North London where TRC is based, and where these sessions were largely laid down.

Keeping with the geographical vibe, next we have 'Dalston Junction', a two-part affair starting on a sci-fi boom-bap tip, before switching to the ethereal flute playing of Brussels musician Esinam, and the first outing on the collection for Brother Portrait. The goosebump-enducing vocals of Melbourne soulstress, Allysha Joy, set off the second half of the record with the beautiful downtempo track 'Hotel Laplace', recorded at a live session at Giant Steps, before kicking the energy levels back up with 'Hedgehog's Dilemma', once again featuring the vocals of Brother Portrait, as does the closing track, 'Dedicated to Marie Paule', a mid-tempo piece akin to 90's golden era jazz-hop, bringing the set to its conclusion.

This collection of tracks reflect the many moods and various genres indicative of Neue's creative approach illustrated above. Pure gold! Since putting a halt on their edit activities, Macadam Mambo have scoured the underground to find the finest purveyors of weird, warped, wonky shit, providing them with a platform to twist our collective melons. Previously releasing under the Two Monkeys alias and the creative force behind the Spettro club in their hometown, the duo adopt the Twoonky moniker and take us furthur into the freakzone.

Excelling in the unconventional, Twoonky employ dusty drum machines, acoustic sounds, hypnotic synths, broken saxophones, crazy frog legs, and sparkling water on rhythms structured on 80's post-punk industrial music.

Tony Soprano

The result is dark and druggy, sometimes chugging, sometimes lurching and always strung out. What happens when you reverse a synth part mid-verse? Why not send an entire track through a faulty distortion pedal? Inspiration reveals itself in a variety of forms and, before long, a simple chord progression contorts into something entirely new. Intentional or not, 'Obverse' embodies more than a little of that spirit without even a hint of pastiche. So it only makes sense that 'Obverse' would stray from its original roadmap.

In due time, half of the nascent compositions featured singers, including Lina Tullgren, Lisbet Fritze, and jennylee, of Warpaint, another band deeply influenced by dream pop. While 'Obverse' was born from a different work ethic than previous efforts, it also continues an arc that started in Each successive effort has represented a logical next step beyond the album before, and 'Obverse' absolutely picks up where Fixion left off. While there has been a film noir element in his previous work, 'Obverse' is the first time each song has felt like a collection of pocket soundtracks.

By fusing together a love of dream pop, dark synth-based music, film scores, and a deep connection with the stark Nordic panoramas, Anders has created an inimitable language. Ultimately 'Obverse' resides in a genre all its own. Soothing, melancholic and reassuringly relaxing. The album is a collection of folk songs traditionally performed by Afghan women, drawing on Elaha's own experience of fleeing Afghanistan and the struggle faced by many other female artists.

The US and Western-backed regimes that came to dominate Afghanistan in the latter part of the 20th century created a climate of heightened patriarchal oppression and persecution of women. These songs tell stories of joy, pain and resilience, passed from mother to daughter in times of hardship and oppression, whilst also celebrating femininity, sensuality and the spirit of resistance.

As Elaha says, this album is for 'those women around the world whose image has been erased, and whose voice has been forbidden. As Elaha says: 'In the eyes of the world, Afghan identity is defined by terrorism, war, the Taliban and uneducated, domesticated women who need help. I have tried to show other associations with Afghanistan such as the beauty of my mother language Farsi and the diversity of our music.

Although women are currently facing extreme violence in Afghanistan, I see a lot of similar problems encountered in different ways in Western countries and across the world. This is part of a universal struggle.

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Perfectly matched with a wide variety of instrumentals, this is my surprise hit of the week! This new work builds on the foundations of previous record Ceremony in the Stillness , incorporating some of the heavier, distorted, guitar oriented themes but this time fuses them with broken, crumbling electronic beats and primal drone movements. The result is two long-form pieces of work that take time to unfold and multiple listens to truly digest what is on offer.

The music of A-Sun Amissa has evolved some-what naturally over the years, drawing from elements of dark-ambient, post-rock and minimal doom but always with a leading experimental edge and a huge amount of room to push the boundaries back as far as possible. For Burdened and Bright Light feels like the next logical chapter in the journey.

On a sonic level For Burdened and Bright Light is the furthest Knox has gone in terms of production, depth and working with a more diverse palette of sounds. The two compositions found here are underpinned by vast ambient passages that are drenched in distortion and reverb, slowly unfurling before more industrial, kinetic sounds are introduced and heaving guitars come to the fore.

The clarinet work of Claire Knox features prominently and ranges from huge, droning, orchestral overtones in the opening section of Breath by Breath to a wild, free-jazz explosion in the middle of Seagraves.

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A-Sun Amissa has never been a project to repeat itself and with For Burdened and Bright Light they continue their long and patient journey into the abyss. CD Info: CD comes in silkscreened sleeve. It draws on a personal archive of home recordings made between and using a range of guitars, synthesizers and acoustic percussion instruments. Much like COL, it was a break in working on another more involved, complicated album.

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TV interstitials, ads. In fact once while I was in the middle of working on the album I had to make a call to some customer service line or other, my bank or something, and the on-hold music sounded exactly like this record I was making! I really knew I was onto something then. You can picture some young New Labour minister spinning it on his Discman between policy meetings. Just totally failed optimism. I love all these things. I get excited to take influence from things in a sincere way while also acknowledging why they are slightly ridiculous.

I tried to make the record feel like a covetable object. If it were a place, it would be a mall designed by Marc Newson and Karim Rashid. You could buy a bucket hat to this album, but like, a fashion bucket hat. It's not Coco Bryce who can revisit these old skool flavours in authentic style.


CFCF brings the liquid rollers and bolsters them with a bouquet of modern artefacts. In celebration of the fifth anniversary of his Mercury Rising residency at Pikes Ibiza and loving memory of the legendary Tony Pike, Harvey has put together a second collection of music inspired by and that represents the party. Blending the classic and the cutting edge like the superstar he is, Harvey switches from the chugging Balearic house of Music For Dreams signings Rheinzand to an instrumental of Mandy Smith's primo pop pick "I Just Can't Wait".

Finding an equal balance between recent winners and all time classics, Harvey does disco, house, street soul and jazz funk in his distinctive Balearic style. Growing up on the streets of The Bronx, the duo went on to tour the world with dance music royalty such as Dennis Ferrer, Erick Morillo and Louie Vega before they finished high school. Three exclusive Martinez Brothers tracks stud the 75 minute offering. Roots Orchestra aka the prodigious Timmy Regisford brings noteworthy percussive roots slant to the New York house electronic collection.

Ten incredible albums culled from the deepest, weirdest co-op of record enthusiasts ever gathered under one banner. Video games, pyramids, trading cards, matchbooks, mazes, lottery tickets, film canisters, yearbooks, and various other exercises in design absurdity.

Self-actualized artists and visionaries followed, reflecting and refracting their own interpretations as if translated by Samuel Delaney or Octavia Butler. This unwieldily titled collection documents ten successful experiments in privately-issued scifi soul music, lonely transmissions from a planet in a state of cultural fugue. Packaged in a one-way portal to the further limits of expression. Some assembly required.


Chastity Belt talks a lot about intention these days—how to be more present with each other. The four piece—Julia Shapiro vocals, guitar, drums , Lydia Lund vocals, guitar , Gretchen Grimm drums, vocals, guitar and Annie Truscott bass —is nine years deep in this, after all. It seems now, more than ever, that circuit is a movement of intentionality, one that creates a space inside which they can be themselves, among themselves. Their fourth record, Chastity Belt, comes out of that safe space.

After a restorative few months on hiatus in , each member worked on solo material or toured with other bands. Lydia, Gretchen, and Julia all share lead vocals on different tracks on the album. What the making of Chastity Belt reveals is that the band has tapped into a deeper tradition of women making art on their terms: the act of self-preservation in favor of the long game.

In favor of each other. In this cultural moment, taking space like this to prioritize the love over the product seems progressive. Slightly less driven, and a little more meditative, this LP retains all of the thoughtful beauty of their previous work but with a more mature and weathered outlook. Gorgeous stuff. Liam Gallagher Why Me?

Why Not. Rkid Recordings. Cat Number Release date 20 Sep '19 Format Info Indies exclusive bottle green coloured vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve. Deluxe CD album housed within the book page hardcover book.

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Fold out wall poster, X mm. Cat Number Release date 20 Sep '19 Format Info gram black vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve. Cat Number Release date 20 Sep ' This month has seen Liam Gallagher make a typically full-throttle return. Super intimate sold-out show at Hackney Round Chapel? It was recorded in Los Angeles. It debuted at 1, out-selling the rest of the Top 10 in the process, and was soon certified Platinum.

Liam's newest album sees him co-writing with a duo of talented musician pals, and retains all the charm and momentum of his previous outing, but with more OOMPH. Why not indeed.