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Often the query involves other values, which are used to either sort the results, or further restrict the results returned. Let us help you replace Google Search Appliance today. Working with Us. Learn More. We are talking about Thunderstone Quest. Thunderstone Quest is kind of like eating out at The Cheescake Factory.

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You order a pasta dish that sounds like a lovely little meal, but your server brings you enough food to feed a the cast of Les Miserables for a week. The package sent to Kickstarter backers boasts enough sets of cards to fuel a base set and 3 large box expansions.

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The price one pays for the sprawl of cardboard though is in table space. Never before have I seen a deck builder that used up as much space as Thunderstone Quest not even City of Iron 2.

The horizontal width of the game is so great that only the largest of tables will be able to accommodate the game. As a proper gamer, I bring all this up not to complain, but rather to serve as warning that one should be prepared to ask for a doggie bag. At first, Thunderstone Quest feels like a rehash of what has come before.

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  • Just like with the first two iterations, players begin a turn by picking between going to the village or venturing into the dungeon. Just like in the first two versions, you go to the village to build up your deck and level up characters while venturing into the dungeon is all about scoring points and triggering the end game.

    It took me exactly one round of Thunderstone Quest to realize just how much fun I was going to have with it.

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    The starting cards and dungeon have been completely overhauled with combos and positive feedback loops in mind. On a turn, I can go to the village, play a card to draw more cards, buy a cool new card for my deck, level one of my heroes up, cull a starting card, heal a point of damage, buy a wooden supply token, and then if I was lucky and drew a lantern — I can even run into the dungeon to grind and level up one of my starting hero cards.

    If you pull the right cards, you can do all this stuff a turn or two into the game. No matter where I go, I have all sorts of great things I can do to empower myself in cool new ways, that in turn allow me to do even more cool things on future turns. Thunderstone Quest feels like Thunderstone on beast mode, cranked up to 11, and chugging a five hour energy drink. The dungeon though is a completely overhauled design that dramatically increases the variability and complexity of hunting monsters. When a player ventures to the dungeon they must map out where they are going and who they want to fight.

    The bonus card draws and penalties you are faced with after you make your decision give the puzzle a sense of press your luck that was a hallmark of the first two versions of the game. The modular room tiles could see even more rules tweaks for players who want to home brew their game. The new dungeon design offers more decision making opportunity without losing sight of the fun push your luck moments.

    The build up feels far more satisfying then Draconis Invasion. And the polish of the game leaves even the best Dominion expansions in the dust. They serve to nudge players in one direction or another with regards to their deck building strategy or in tasks to complete in the dungeon. That said, there are a couple of quests that feel absurdly difficult in comparison without any real offsetting benefit to encourage a player to draft the quest.


    What makes the side quests amazingly fun though is that many of them reward players with special legendary cards that border on game breaking. Without spoiling anything, these legendary cards evoke the same good feelings you get from opening a pack of booster cards an getting an ultra rare foil card.

    Sadly, there is a price to pay for the dearth of goodies that Thunderstone Quest throws in front of you.

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    • Downtime is a very real issue, especially later in the game when your opponents start to string together truly epic turns. If course, your mileage and tolerance of downtime may vary. Overall, I am very impressed with the art found in Thunderstone Quest, which much like the Arkham Horror LCG is a decent mix of recycled old art and new art. When the art is good, it is very good.