Manual Vintage Horror Comics: Skeleton Hand No.4 Circa 1953 ( Annotated & Illustrated)

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He also helped Craig with story ideas, often in three-way conferences with Craig and Feldstein.

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Certain stories did stand out in his mind, hut he did not claim to remember everything when it came to authorship. See as the probable text story. That Harrison wrote EC stories there is no Magazine he tells how he and submitted to EC, so there is little reason to believe that he wrote the stories he illustrated.

LoEG The Tempest 6 annotations

EC was just not that big of an outfit. We have given tentative attribution to Harrison as writer on a few stories, but readers are reminded that these are far from absolute. It should be noted that in Keyes stated with certainty that he wrote no stories for EC except those in Shock Illustrated under the pen names Kris Daniels and A.

Locke, JB] Further confirmation of. Since EC. Keyes having written. Bill Gaines stated that Klapper wrote many texts and probably some scripts for Pre-Trend and early New Trend issues, but Klapper can not recall which stories are his. The handful of stories that are. In most cases the identification is certain, but there is an element of doubt for a few stories.

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Stories marked with a question mark are educated guesses. Wessler also wrote an unidentified text page for Piracy. Forming women, r Huabout the pit. They were all submitted as rough storyboards with balloons, and were adapted, re-written, or added to by me as I transferred them to the art board layouts for lettering. Oleck is recalled by Gaines and Feldstein as a proEC scriptwriter. Oleck himself claimed to have written few if any EC horror stories, and this may be true. He did write a number of New Direction stories, however. Oleck wrote all the stories in Incredible Science Fiction.

Moldoff see interview. The text story in Crime Patrol 10 is credited in the issue, one of the relatively few bylines to appear on a text story. Fred von Bernewitz is one of the founding members of firstgeneration EC fandom, a small but rabid group of EC Fan-Addicts who bought ECs off the newsstands and who were convinced that the EC comics were a cut or two above the standard comic book fare. Bhob Stewart. John Benson, and Hon Parker , Fred contributed to several vintage.

In December, lt 5. Gaines considered these Checklists to be indispensable, and Fred issued the. Grant Geissman: How did you first become aware of EC comics? Fred von Bernewitz: I wish you had asked me that twenty years ago. GG; Were you guys also into science fiction? Von Bernewitz: Yes, it was that first, because our friendships grew more out of science fiction than comics, and comics were tangential up to whatever that would have been, Because I was basically collecting Carl Barks, even though.

Walt Kelly, and Captain Marvel.

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So whether it was the appearance of MAD. Of course, they weren't as horrific at that time as EC became. My interest was. Certainly comic collecting it is today where you go to a nice clean comic. Von Bernewitz: Strangely enough. I had no trouble. In my area which was. EC Fan Bulletin.

I think he had put out two issues; I may have seen issue two. But by that time I already knew of at least a half.

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Four Corners. Four Corners is now probably as big as Silver Spring was at the time I was born. But when I was a little kid, Four Corners. And that being closest to me, that was where I bought most of them. GG: Do you remember your first trip up to the EC offices? Von Bernewitz: Strangely enough, fairly well.

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Probably better than some of the more important family gatherings of the. However limited distribution they had the country. You know, they were about to canwere cel MAD. At the time I was under the impression that sales poor, but then. GG: How did you meet Ted White and those people? There were science fiction fanzines; was it through those?

I would think that it was. GG: EC was culture enough! Von Bernewitz: Oh yeah, that was excitement enough. The first version of the Checklist had.

Von Bernewitz: Yes. Of course, at the time it was published the. So that visit to was two-fold: to correct some errors in the New Trends already published, and to get as much information as possible on the Pre-Trends to make an expanded edition sometime later. GG: Do you have any recollection as to how Gaines regarded the intrusion of these young kids coming in, asking all these ques-.

Also, it was a slow period. Von Bernewitz: It had to be, because I was off from school, [refers to dates on his log] December It was just three days, although we might have been in the office one more day without the tape recorder. So it had to be a slow week for him in terms of business conferences and so forth, because everybody was off on Christmas holiday, as was 1. None of the artists worked there, and of course the writing was mostly done by Gaines, Feldstein, and Craig. And there was Jerry De Fuccio. GG: He was Harvey Kurtzman 's assistant.

Von Bernewitz: So, no big names came through. I seem to recall that Bill Elder came by, and maybe somebody else. I spent the majority of the time in Gaines's office, by his desk, copying down the information and reading into the tape recorder.

The tape recording I have of that particular visit, the. Somebody would publish a listing of all the stories in Weird Science, somebody else would publish a list of all the sto-. Combat, and would see some errors or discrepwould go to correct those, and then would start filland so forth, and it just grew into this idea, really should have this all in one place, and have it all. Supplement, March. The cover art was again drawn onto a mimeograph stencil by von Bernewitz. The original lack Davis art with lettering by von Bernewitz was Gestafaxed onto the mimeograph stencil for a.

GG; There was a loosely organized fandom at that time, but it was I wonder how many other comics fans were going up to comics companies. You guys might have been among the relatively few people to make such a pilgrimage. EC comics were good enough to last, and that my would always remain a part of all that. The Checklist has been through any number of updates and revisions over the years, so I expected that someday someone would come along and want to do this, and I'm happy though not surprised to see it come to pass.

Von Bernewitz: Strangely enough, I did. Von Bernewitz; Yes. Although it sounds very foreign today, we wanted ECs to read and enjoy, not because we thought we could someday make a fortune off of them. As time went on and EC was. The art credits were what everyone was interested in, and EC kept reinforcing this. Of course, there was a lot of trash being pro-. Von Bernewitz; Oh, we were outraged!