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Had planned to meet friends there and I actually found them. I had the time of my life in spite of the rain and mud, which I was quite used to. I never needed my tickets, by the time I arrived the ticket kiosk was overrun. I still have them and keep them with my college diploma as memory from a different era. I will not be at the current Woodstock but I know everyone there will have a blast.

Woodstock 1969 - Revisiting Memories Of The Festival On Its 50th Anniversary - CRUX

My mother and father were there, and, as 'm sure many others were, I was conceived at Woodstock ' What a way to come into the world! Susan, USA I was sixteen at the time and still not out of short trousers. It may have been all drugs and free love for those Americans, but I was sent to bed by my mum at 8 O'clock with a copy of the Beano and a mug of Ovaltine. Matthew Howell, England The original concert was not about merchandising, sponsorships, or selling cds, it was almost spiritual, a rebellion against authority, fascism and the like.

Drugs were a reflection of the frustration of youth in those days. Nothing, not even a Pink Floyd or Michael Jackson show with special effects can come close to what happened then. It was creativity at its best. K Nicholson, India I was living in Montreal at the time, which was a thriving commune of it's own. I drove down with a Brit in an MG, in convoy with a host of other ex pat Brits. I remeber the traffic chaos close to the festival but everybody just sat in the queues singing, mainly peace songs for the war in Vietnam.

I remember the huge number of VW Beetles. Everybody had flowers painted somewhere on their anatomy - indeed the lack of clothing was remarkable. There was an all pervading smell of hashish. The crowd I was with, bearing in mind Hash was more or less a legal substance in the Province of Quebec, had vast quantities. The mud was not too agreeable and coupled to the lack of serious loos matters were a little unsavory in places. Looking back the whole scenario was one of peace and loving friendship because of Vietnam.

I believe Woodstock was the starter motor for the peace process.

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Chris Eggy-Bear, England I remember mud. I remember rain. Yep, that's about all I remember. Josh, US Man, it was all commercialized back in '69 too. I tell ya, that that was one un-groovy event. I couldn't even get around with all those cameras in the way. All my friends headed up to Woodstock and I missed it by two days. But I did make it up there in '94 and had a great time!

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He remembered very little about the entire event because of drugs. This was at the beginning of a very hard life, again, because of drugs.

But he believed so deeply about love and peace that Woodstock was always one of his very fond memories and there was always a sparkle in his eyes when he spoke about it. Purple Haze, Earth I was at Woodstock in the rain and mud having the best time of my life.

Everyone was wonderful and loving. My car broke down with three passengers. Left it in a summer bunglo community and hike to the concert.

My Memories of Woodstock

On Sunday morning, everyone in the summer community helped to get us back on the road to home. The next thing I know the three of us and 4 of Vans friends are off on a long road trip. We went to Washington DC, then Philli. When we finally made it we were there before the Hog Farmers. We camped until the Hog Farmers got there and we were invited to camp with them. I got a job there with Food for Love. My picture was in the special edition of Life Mag.

I stayed until everyone left and met an artist in Monticello N. And stayed with Bill, Connie and their baby Patrick. Everyone I came with went back to Atlanta but me. I stayed until the end of Oct. If you see the Life mag. I am the young blond headed soaking wet girl with a big wine bottle in my hand looking all spaced out with the fringe Indian print dress on with jeans on under the dress. Bare footed and had my sandals in my other hand. I have never been the same. I did grow up though and raised my three grown kids now, been married for 40 years and sell RealEstate in Panama City, Florida.

My friends and myself who lived on the lake watched the stage being built as it was a short bike ride over the hill to where it was. It changed the way we viewed the world, having been in the middle of everything, just because we lived so close to the center of it all. I also remember my mother letting kids sleep on our porch so they could get out of the rain.

We took a bus up from NYC. As those once youthful witnessess to this event become the more senior members of our culture, it's time to set the record straight. Now 40 years later, a toast to the most sensational event in the annals of contemporary history, a toast to those who orchestrated the Herculean festival, and most of all, 'cheers' to all of us.

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May we forever be the torchbearers for universal acceptance. Rock in peace! On a shortlist of historical events, Woodstock has remained part of the cultural lexicon.

Woodstock Festival Memories - We\'ve got to get back to the garden.

As Arnold Skolnick, the artist who designed Woodstock's dove-and-guitar symbol, described: "Something was tapped, a nerve, in this country, and everybody just came. From Aug. The rural Borscht Belt area, best known for farming and summer vacationing, would be transformed overnight, briefly becoming New York State's second largest city of more than , people. Twenty-four-year-old John Roberts was heir to a drugstore and toothpaste manufacturing fortune and supplied the money.

Roberts' slightly hipper friend, Joel Rosenman, 26, was the son of a prominent Long Island orthodontist and had just graduated from Yale Law School. Roberts and Rosenman met on a golf course in the fall of '66, and by the winter of , they shared an apartment, contemplating their future. Their thought and hope was to create a screwball situation comedy for television, a male version of "I Love Lucy. Artie Kornfeld, 25, was already well established in the music business.

He was Capitol Record's first vice president of rock music, and was the company's connection to the rockers whose music was starting to sell millions of records. Michael Lang, 24, was described by friends as a cosmic pixie with a head full of curly black hair that bounced to his shoulders and who rarely wore shoes. In , Lang had produced the two-day Miami Pop Festival, which drew 40, people.

Later that same year, Lang was managing a rock band and wanted to sign a record deal, so he brought his proposal to Kornfeld at Capitol Records in December. Lang knew that he and Artie had both grown up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and used that as his edge, telling the company's receptionist that he was "from the neighborhood. Woodstock co-creator and promoter Kornfeld remembers: "One day, my secretary buzzed me to say, 'Mike Lang is here to see you. Michael had all this hair sticking out and I was pretty straight, and to me, he looked like the 'king of the hippies.

To make a long story short, we took them into the studio and the session was a disaster.

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Whether we were drinking too much red wine or whatever, the only thing that came out of that was the beginnings of our friendship. One night, we were playing bumper pool, smoking some great Columbian, and Michael started teasing that I didn't go to clubs anymore to see live acts; truth being, after 12 years in the music business I'd become too busy.

That's when I said, 'Michael, I have a great idea.